Course Code: CPE0007

Course Delivery:

Part-Time In Class


Diploma in Network Infrastructure.


Information networks form the basis of modern communications globally. Most forms of data (e.g.; audio, video, numerical, text or technical specifications or images)  can be digitised and transmitted over typically Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) based networks. Today’s technology supports speeds measured in tens of giga-bits, thus transfer speeds are fast. Latency is important in terms of switching and turnaround times for information transfers. Different typologies are best suited to different solutions. Wireless communications in the forms of Bluetooth and WiFi are available in most homes and almost all businesses today.

Learning outcomes:

The student will understand the uses and types of networks available. The student will be able to suggest appropriate network solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The student will know and be able to advise on the correct use of network equipment like routers, switches and hubs. The student will be able to provide network isolation and security techniques. The student will be aware of both the vulnerabilities of different network types and appropriate security measures that minimize the risk of these being exploited. The student will have a solid understanding of the concepts of bandwidth and latency and the OSI layers upon which modern network protocols are based. The student will have a detailed knowledge of some network protocols and an awareness of others. The student will be equipped with the skills necessary to acquaint oneself with other network protocols.

Course Fee Information:


Pay in Full – €1,095

Pay in Instalments – €1,195

(€350 deposit & 3 monthly payments paid consecutively of €281.66 starting when the course begins)



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Entry Requirements:

  • Students must have a functional level of English.
  • The student must have an interest in the course topic or industry.
  • The deposit or full course fee must be paid to enrol on the course.

Assessment / Examinations:

This course will be assessed through continuous assessment.

Location & date:

Location Cut-Off Starts Day Time Delivery
Dublin 2 City Centre Open for Enrolling 28th Sept 2020 Monday 6.30pm-9.30pm 12 Weeks