Course Code: CPE0003

Course Delivery:

Part-Time In Class.


Diploma in Java Standard Edition from The City Education Group.


Java is a high-level general-purpose language that has application in edge devices on the Internet of Things to desktop applications and network distributed enterprise class solutions.

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to establish a Java development environment on his or her machine and develop Java code. The student will understand the data types used in the language, the use of arrays, classes and structures. The student will be able to control the execution of a java application via loops, branching, and function calls. The student will know how to declare classes and instantiate instances of classes. The student will understand different techniques used to control the execution of the python code by branches, loops and so forth.  The student will be able to use supporting libraries e.g.; logogrammatic and trigonometric functions.  The student will be able to format output so that it is easily read by humans. The student will be able to navigate directories, create, read, update and delete files. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Java and leverages Java SE.

Course Fee Information:


Full Course Fee Only – €595.



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Entry Requirements:

  • Students must have a functional level of English.
  • The student must have an interest in the course topic or industry.
  • The deposit or full course fee must be paid to enrol on the course.

Assessment / Examinations:

This course will be assessed through continuous assessment.

Location & date:

Location Cut-Off Starts Day Time Delivery
Dublin 2 City Centre Open for Enrolling 28th Sept 2020 Monday 6.30pm-9.30pm 12 Weeks