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Diploma in Cybersecurity from The City Education Group.


Cyber crime is on the increase with more than 50% of businesses expecting some form of attack in the next 6-months, prevention and risk minimization are crucial. Many businesses are being given cost prohibitive quotes for appropriate security measures. These is a need to inform IT users on the basis of good cyber security planning and practical advice that is both cost and effort efficient and effective in mitigating risks.

Learning outcomes:

The student will have a good understanding of the vulnerabilities that are inherent in IT devices, networks, and infrastructure. The student will be able to plan and implement basic environmental controls, fire, flood, and physical protection.

The need for virus detection on all devices and the need to partner with suppliers for solutions will be understood. Good virus management planning includes personal devices,

The student will understand the concepts of perimeter defences and the weaknesses of such approaches. The student will have an understanding of the concepts of depth of defence and its typical application to web and client server architectures.

The student will be able to complete a vulnerability analysis of the organization’s infrastructure. The student will be aware of common measures used to mediate and reduce the risk from these known vulnerabilities.

Course Fee Information:


Pay in Full – €695

Pay in Instalments – €795

(€350 Deposit & 3 monthly payments paid consecutively of €148.33 starting when the course begins)



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Entry Requirements:

  • Students must have a functional level of English.
  • The student must have an interest in the course topic or industry.
  • The deposit or full course fee must be paid to enrol on the course.

Assessment / Examinations:

This course will be assessed through continuous assessment.

Location & date:

Location Cut-Off Starts Day Time Delivery
Online Enrolling Now 28th Sept 2020 Monday 6.30pm-9.30pm 12 Weeks