Learners with Progressive College can study at a time that suits them.  They can learn new skills and study for a QQI award, fitting this around their work, family, and social life.

Whilst online learning provides the flexibility of learning for those willing to study at their own pace it may not be the preferred study method for all students. That is why here at Progressive College we also offer most of our programmes through part-time (in-person) and blended learning as well. Ensuring the right environment for success for all those wishing to study with us.

Computer Skills

You will need to be able to find your way around a laptop or PC and have some basic computer skills such as:

  • Word processing
  • Emails
  • Browsing the internet

With Progressive College you will be able to access and download course content from Moodle which is our student learning platform.  Some of the course content can be viewed on a tablet but you will need a suitable laptop or PC when it comes to writing up coursework.

Communication Skills

You will receive ‘one-on-one’ support from a tutor via email, so don’t be hesitant to ask questions if some of the course content is getting difficult. 

Effective Time Management

Online learning offers great flexibility, but you need to ensure that you make time for study within your personal schedule. Once you have access to your course on Moodle, start planning your time by taking a quick look at the topics covered in the module you are studying. 

Make a note of these goals and draw up a schedule for when you will study these – and try to stick to the plan!  Set up a “To do” list for each week and you will get a great sense of achievement checking items off the list each day as you complete your goals.

Planning and Motivation

Our top learners tell us that the key to success is self-discipline and forward planning. What are your personal reasons for wanting to study your chosen course?  You need to be self-motivated as progress will be down to your own efforts.  Make sure that your family and friends support you by leaving you free to study at the times you set out in your study plan. 

You also need to organise your own study space in a quiet zone, with good seating and lighting. It’s easy to get distracted without your own study space so remember to turn off anything that may distract you to ensure you’re giving 100% while studying.