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Are you interested in becoming a Special Needs Assistant but can’t commit to full-time study? Our part-time SNA courses are perfect for those with time constraints and wish to further their knowledge or pursue it as a career. The courses delivered by Progressive College will allow you to work as a special needs assistant in a variety of settings such as in schools or hospitals.

You will be required to attend class one evening per week from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for approximately 15 – 20 evenings. This will allow you to fit learning around your busy working and family life. Some of our part-time courses will include recorded specific topic lectures. Students will be required to complete 30 – 60 hours of work experience. This will enhance our overall learning and provide you with hands-on practical skills. You will be required to secure your own work placement and to be garda vetted.

Why become a Special Needs Assistant?

It with without doubt that the work of a Special Needs Assistant is a rewarding one. In general, an SNA is a support and care role that works under the guidance of a class teacher. SNAs are able to work with different age groups, both in mainstream classrooms or in dedicated special needs schools. They provide tremendous support to students with special needs and help with all areas in a curriculum. Special needs assistants generally work during normal school hours from Monday to Fridays, with their hours mainly spent in the classroom. It is essential that SNAs are dedicated and passionate about their work. They ultimately become a valuable asset in any classroom

What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with knowledge and skill to ensure their competence both in theory and practice. This course will explore both theory and practice that underpins the education of care of those present with special needs. This will allow the learner to assist in the provision of this education and care.

Why choose this part time SNA course?

We understand that sometimes family, work, or life in general gets in the way with further education. Our part time SNA courses are designed to fit around your family and work life. This provides the learner choices and maximum flexibility.

Apart from the flexibility we offer, our SNA tutors are experts in their field and are passionate about special needs education. The breadth of their experience will provide tremendous insights and learning of this course. Our part time SNA courses will provide you everything you need to support and understand the learning process of children with learning, physical, or behavioural needs.

What will I learn in this course?

During this course, you will learn more about the role of the SNA. You will learn about the development and learning in children with special needs. This course will also cover child development and behaviour theories. This course will tackle how a range of activities can promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development among those with learning, physical, and behavioural disabilities. Students will also learn how to communicate and work effectively with parents and families. This will safeguard, support, and promote the children’s well-being and development.

Why choose the College of Progressive Education?

We have been delivering this course for over 20 years in Ireland. With this, our SNA courses have continually developed over this time to fit the needs of the times. This ensures that our graduates have the most comprehensive list of skills and knowledge. The goal is to provide positive learning experiences for individuals with a specific special need.

Our tutors are highly qualified professionals who are extremely supportive to all our learners as they begin their new journey in the area of special needs assisting. We look forward to supporting you in your further education.

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